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 Giovanni Villanueva, 2016

Giovanni Villanueva, 2016


The G Fund, Inc is an organization created to help students who have a desire to study culinary arts through annual scholarship opportunities.  This fund is created in the memory of Giovanni Villanueva who was a culinary student at Valencia Community College but died from SUDEP at the start of his education and career.  Giovanni a gold medal diver for the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, a cellist for the Florida Young Artists Orchestra, and an Eagle Scout.  

Our mission is to provide ongoing scholarship opportunities.



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The G Fund, Inc was founded in 2017, one year after the passing of its namesake.  Students who want to study culinary management, culinary arts, etc have added costs to their education as the regular students.  They must purchase costly knives, supplies, etc.  We all love to eat and we love what the finely trained cooks and chefs produce in our fair city of Orlando.